• Color: Natural Black Color 1b
  • Weight: Each bundle is 3.5oz/100 grams
  • Shipping: Free shipping worldwide
  • Delivery Time: 5-7 bunsiness days
  • Styling: 12″ to 16″ needs 2 to 3 bundles for a full sew in. 18″ to 28″ needs 3 to 4 bundles for a full sew in


Straight, Body Wave, Deep Wave


Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian, Indian


12" 14" 16" + 10"Frontal, 12" 14" 16" + 12"Frontal, 14" 16" 18" + 12"Frontal, 14" 16" 18" + 14"Frontal, 16" 18" 20" + 14"Frontal, 16" 18" 20" + 16"Frontal, 18" 20" 22" + 16"Frontal, 18" 20" 22" + 18"Frontal, 20" 22" 24" + 16"Frontal, 20" 22" 24" + 18"Frontal, 22" 24" 26" + 18"Frontal, 24" 26" 28" + 18"Frontal

35 reviews for Bundles+Frontal

  • very good customer service,I will order again from this site .

  • Excellent service! The hair is amazing. Very soft and doesn’t shed. Very fast shipping! Love love love this seller 😍 😍 ! It’s my second time ordering and will order again and again!

  • The hair is soft and smooth from top to bottom. Very Satisfied ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Hair is really soft and doesnt get any tangles and shedding. I haven’t installed yet but so far I’m in love with this bouncy hair 👍👍👍

  • I loved this hair, From the moment I opened it. It’s super soft and pretty. Haven’t installed it yet.

  • I so much love the very soft an smell nice ! ! !

  • Delivery was very quick. And the texture and density of the bundles were soft and thick. I put soft brown highlights and made a wig with the hair. I will definitely order more hair from this company.

  • I purchased the 16,18,20 with the 14 inch frontal. It’s very soft no shedding and the bundles are thick. will definitely ordering from this company again.

  • This is awesome hair, feels good and I am definitely buying more.

  • This hair is awesome!! It’s very soft and natural..curls very good and flat irons well too. The frontal is a little weak in the front but if you see it down right it will look very natural!!

  • This hair is really nice for the price. It’s not too thick or too thin. I got it for my birthday & was hesitant. It was professionally done; she bleached the frontal, washed and curled it. The body wave still came back. I’ve had it for 4 days & experienced no shedding so far from the frontal or the bundles and the curls didn’t disappear. I also had some hair left over.The customer service is really good, I had an issue with the shipping they answered, solved it quickly and it still came on time.

  • The hair arrived on time. The ear to ear lace frontal was full and easy to bleach the knots. The bundles was full, soft and no smell. I had extra hair leftover after the installment. This hair takes dye very well and long lasting curls. Oh and minimal shedding which is a plus!

  • This hair fantastic! The bundles are big and the frontal is nice and thick and easy to be plucked.

  • The bundles are decent quality especially for the price. Shipping was a plus😉.Lace frontal seemed to be pre plucked but thin at the follicle. I suggest you do not bleach the knots as it will cause frontal to form bald spots.

  • Its soft and beautiful. 100% human hair. I haven’t experienced any shedding. I think the price is amazing!

  • I LOVE THIS HAIR!!!!!! I turned it into a lace frontal wig and it was so easy to dye to my custom dark burgundy color! It is still soft and manageable and easy to install. Thank you guys so much and will purchase again!

  • the hair is flawless, very full bundles, doesn’t have an odd smell, and the texture is beautiful. Love it can’t wait to make my wig! will be ordering more bundles soon!

  • This hair is awesome!! It’s very soft and natural..curls very good and flat irons well too. The frontal is a lil weak in the front but if you see it down right it will look very natural!!I love it and will be ordering again.

  • So far so good. No split ends. No live. Very soft and even smells pleasant. I dyed the hair “blue black” and it colored greatly. It hasn’t lost its softness even though I dyed it. Only thing is there is quite a bit of flyaways on the frontal. Other than that. Mama like!!!

  • Dyed good. Little shedding. Soft. Curls hold for2nights maybe. Will order again!

  • I’m pretty satisfied with the hair. I’ve only have it in a few days so I can’t say much, but it’s holding up well so far. The only problem I’m experiencing is tangling in the nape but I haven’t had much shedding, so that’s a plus…i will definitly order again.

  • This is the best hair ever. Very minimal shedding really easy to maintain . Hold curls perfectly and the bounce is wicked!!

  • I love this hair!!! This hair is sooo beautiful,the bundles are full and the frontal is so soft and natural looking…you can do anything with hair..I have gotten so many compliments..I straighten it out and then recurled it and it waved back up at an instant… will buy again!!! I highly recommend this hair…

  • I love love my hair.My frontal and bundles were full.I will be ordering again!!!!

  • Love ❤ this hair it culrs and straightens and I dyed it soft black and when you wet it it goes back to it’s natural wave! Bomb HAIRRRRR!!!!!!

  • The hair was and still is nice and soft. It is true to length and takes heat and color well.I will say the frontal was amazing and didn’t rip like others have in the past that I paid a lot more for. The lace was itchy to my sensitive scalp but that happens almost regardless. I love the natural curls it gives after being on the beach in the ocean. I will probably order the hair again

  • i have the hair 4 stars!! When I received the hair it was so soft & bouncy, I loved it! The hair even stayed soft & bouncy after I washed & conditioned it for the first time. However, after I bleached & dyed the hair the ends became dry. SOME HOW THE FRONTAL IS STILL SOFTTTTTTT!!! This is good hair if you need something did last minute to your hair.

  • I just installed the hair and I must say I love it so far! I ordered the frontal 12in with 14-16-18 bundles..I did not install frontal yet because I’m saving it for a special occasion and I did not use all of them still had half a bundle left! I did color the hair with bleach and developer to get this color..the hair is still super soft even after the color! I would definitely order again!

  • Nice hair. I’ve never bought virgin hair bundles before so what I noticed about the hair maybe typical. Hair is thicker at the root and the ends are thinner. The frontal was described as 12″ with baby hair, but it was a little shorter with some flyaways. I made it all into a wig I didn’t have to cut it at all and it has a super layered look. So far no shedding, the hair is soft and tangle free, and hold a decent curl. Will probablyorder again only a different hair texture and longer frontal next time.

  • This hair looks so pretty !! It does shed but not a lot. The hair pattern is so beautiful and it’s soft. I’ve only had it in for about 5 days so I’ll do an update.

  • My hair came in today and I was so excited. I LOVE this hair! Its so soft and described perfectly. I cant wait to install it for my birthday!!! The delivery definitely got here faster than expected. I love this hair!!!!

  • PERFECT!!!… BEAUTIFUL!!!… COMPLIMENTS UPON COMPLIMENTS! I ordered this hair and I absolutely love it. This lace frontal was actually pre plucked amongst other lace frontals I’ve ordered that were supposed to be pre plucked and wasn’t so that was a huge plus. I love a full head of hair so the bundles were plenty. I ordered 14′ frontal with 16′ 18′ & 20′ bundles. If you’re wondering about Cheetah Beauty Hair then wonder no more. It’s the best! I’m very very pleased and will order again. Thanks 🙂

  • I Absolutely Love This Hair. The Bundles And Frontal Are Soft(Hand Runs Straight Through) The Curls Are Everything 😍 Hair Is True To Length. The Packaging Was Great. Order Came In 3 Days. I Will Definitely Be Ordering This Hair From Here On Out. Thank You!!!!

  • my hair arrived today it’s very pretty no shedding so far the frontal fits my head.I will put the picture of the install when I’m done

  • Overall the hair is very soft, the curls stays in place, they have great customer service, and I absolutely love the frontal. I gave it a 4 star only because I wish it was pre plucked😫 But I’m satisfied overall.

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