Bundles+360 Frontal



  • Color: Natural Black Color 1b
  • Weight: Each bundle is 3.5oz/100 grams
  • Shipping: Free shipping worldwide
  • Delivery Time: 5-7 bunsiness days
  • Styling: 12″ to 16″ needs 2 to 3 bundles for a full sew in. 18″ to 28″ needs 3 to 4 bundles for a full sew in


Straight, Body Wave


Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian, Indian


12" 12" + 12"Frontal, 14" 14" + 14"Frontal, 16" 16" + 14"Frontal, 18" 18" + 16"Frontal, 20" 20" + 16"Frontal, 20" 20" + 18"Frontal, 22" 22" + 18"Frontal, 24" 24" + 18"Frontal, 26" 26" + 18"Frontal, 28" 28" + 18"Frontal, 12" 14" 16" + 10"Frontal, 12" 14" 16" + 12"Frontal, 14" 16" 18" + 12"Frontal, 14" 16" 18" + 14"Frontal, 16" 18" 20" + 14"Frontal, 16" 18" 20" + 16"Frontal, 18" 20" 22" + 16"Frontal, 18" 20" 22" + 18"Frontal, 20" 22" 24" + 16"Frontal, 20" 22" 24" + 18"Fronta, 22" 24" 26" + 18"Frontal, 24" 26" 28" + 18"Frontal

23 reviews for Bundles+360 Frontal

  • Great product! Just as described !!!

  • Love the curles and great customer service !!!

  • Hair is extremely soft. Has a plastic smell even after first wash. I thought I had an average size head but 360 was way to big for me. Washed,dried, flat ironed and installed and love it. Hoping it stays soft and doesn’t tangle.

  • Hair came fast and it was great hair. Very soft and easy to work with. I created a wig and I’m very pleased

  • The quality of the hair is super good, packaging was excellent ,it’s very soft true to length and takes color very well ,will continue to purchase my hair from this vendor for my Boutique,this hair is absolutely beautiful, thank you so much !!!!

  • 12, 14, 16 and 360 lace frontal(12′) body wave. Ok, this is my first time writing a review. I feel necessary to do so because I want to help others who are undecisive and skeptical to buy this hair. I wanted to purchase the 360 on aliexpress But I read so many bad reviews for that site that I changed my mind. Some people even complain about LICE 😖😖. I had to do lots of research on Google. So finally I chose to purchase the hair from CHEETAH BEAUTY, mostly because it was cheaper ( less than $160 + free shipping) than the others. Shipping was fast, within 3 business days by ups,, hair is as described, soft, smell good, prepluked with baby hair. I did the burning test to see if it’s really human hair, it works. I even burn a tiny piece of my own hair and a synthetic hair I have at home to compare. I haven’t installed the hair yet so I don’t know if it shred and what it looks like on me. I’ll do an update on that. Overall I’m very satisfied so far. The hair is exactly as described.

  • Okay its been four weeks since I bought the hair and had it installed. It is nice. I love it. I’m about to take it out and wash it and see how it holds up. Although I have already gotten it wet to re-curl the waviness as it tends to get flat. But all it needs is a bit a water than the waviness is back. I will update after the wash and re-installment as I typically try to get 2-4 uses out bundles. It’s a great price for the hair anyhow and it looks amazing.

  • Hair is perfect. No shedding and great quality. Cant wait to order more for clients and friends. Also takes colour very well and after 2 processes, still remained silky😍😍😍compliments galore everywhere i go!

  • Very beautiful and lustrous hair! shipping was very fast. My hair had no smell or tangles or shedding, I cowashed with silicone mix and install already. The hair is pretty awesome. Will be purchasing again.

  • I’ll be honest. However I was already familiar with this brand from social media. I friend of mine ordered twice from Cheetah Beauty and she loved hers. I decided to give it a try, and have had it installed for about a month now. Once I received it, I dyed it black to match my natural hair, and it took color nicely, once I added conditioner, the hair felt like silk. I have blow dryed it, pressed it straight several times, re-wet it and the natural wave has come in everytime. This is now my best kept secret!! For the quality and price, I will continue to order through them!!! Love love this hair. The wefts are thick enough but not too thick, and I didn’t experience much shedding either. I did need to trim about 1/4 inch off the ends, but that was no big deal. You won’t be disappointed!

  • This 360 lace frontal is everything, looks exactly like the picture, it is full..very versatile, customized nicely, and the hair is soft, true to length and super manageable.Everyone thinks my hair is real lol.I bleached the knots a little more for a realistic looking base and CoWashed it prior to install, and curl pattern bounced back. washed with purple/silver shampoo & tinted the lace with black tea.The Frontal has lace around your head and the hairline is perfect, also have lace and body hair in the back that really what i need ! natural look than other 13X4 frontals! u must try! I absolutely love the frontal. So versatile! Best Frontal I’ve ever had. Doesnt shed or tangle up either so far. I am really happy. Money well spent. Will be ordering more 🙂

  • Currently reviewing while my stylist is doing my sew in. Wefts are not super thick, they are just right. Bundles are FULL! Only negative is the ends could be more full. If the hair was a bit thicker this would be a 5 star product. No smell, no immediate shedding. Packaging was secure. I say that because this knocked about in my car for a week before I got it done and no issues to the hair. Definitely will buy again!!

  • The hair is soft soft and the natural curls are so pretty. I bleached the lave…but I don’t even think I had to because the lace already matched my skin complexion. I like the adjustable let straps in the back makes me feel more secure. I sewed my down because I don’t know how to use tape or glue. I will purchase from here again! I plucked it and made baby hairs. But the 360 already had a natural hairline.

  • This is good hair ! Got a lot of compliments with this hair .. just had to pluck

  • I have been buying hair for a number of years and this by far is the best purchase yet. I love it and will be investing in this brand again. Thanks Cheetah Beauty!!!!!

  • One week since install…the hair texture is nice, in fact very beautiful. My stylist bleached and tweezed the 360 hairline so I can wear it up. Once she installed it she used a flat iron to curl it. Curls were gorgeous. They last with me doing some minor pin up at night. I went to Jamaica with it and got plenty of compliments but unfortunately it did not hold curls but did leave it full of body. I do think the 360 frontal is a blend, but the rest of the see it curled. The curls are pretty but within 30 minutes dropped and by two hours there are no none at all but it does look like it’s a big body wave. I even tried putting some light hairspray on it but it does not hold. My stylist used all three packs but you could probably get away with just two packs if you don’t want it to look very thick and heavy. I cut it and thinned it out myself and it still looks gorgeous it does not shed at all. Once I returned to the US the curls stay longer so it might be the humidity. I will definitely purchase it again.

  • Just got this hair yesterday, and im super excited to see how it will be after installed. So far tho, its just as described, soft silky, no smell, decent sized bundles,…I would buy more of this hair…SO FAR.. will get back after i have it sewn in! Thanks so much!

  • Great hair! Have had it in for a month now. Texture is lovely, I don’t have to do anything to it and the wavy texture will still remain. Barely even sheds! Had quite a smell when it first came but it wasn’t a big deal to me. Will definitely buy again!

  • This was my first time ordering hair online..I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this hair as well as how much hair was in each bundle.. I included pix of how hair arrived as well as what it looked like after I bleached the knots on the frontal…the hair textures for the frontal and the bundles are pretty similar and very dense. I had to pluck and tweaked the hairline for a natural look. There was a faint smell, but after washing and conditioning it went away. I would order again..I waited two weeks from install to post my review, minimal shedding. Overall a great buy!!!

  • The hair is soooo soft, I’ve been running my fingers through it everyday and there’s absolutely no shedding this is really good quality hair. This is my first time installing weave and I’m extremely happy.I would definitely buy again.

  • I am in love with this hair! the color was perfect,soft and the length is spot on. Had it installed the day that i got it and my hairdresser was super impressed with the quality.I will be ordering more in the future.when during the maintenance washed,i think the curly is nature,so if you like more curly,i suggest you perm,and i did,my hairdresser to do maintenance for my hair after i perm it,it’s soooo beautiful,I love it sooooooo much, but my hairdresser don’t recommend perm too often, it will be hurt the hair. We must care the hair regularly to keep the hair soft and not dry. I suggest if you want a beautiful hair plz just care your hair as carefully as you can. These are my experience):

  • Hair is absolutely amazing ! Everything in the description is true. The lengths are exact when pressed or stretched out. No smell, no shedding, no tangling. Hair is very soft and silky.I will be ordering from Cheetah Beauty again.

  • i cannot say enough about this hair. It’s soft it doesn’t shed at all and I just could not stop running my fingers through it. I have gotten so many compliments on my hair and the first thing I do is tell them exactly where I got it this is excellent quality hair with an excellent quality 360 frontal.

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