The hair is so soft and long too. I havn't had any problem with shedding or any thing like that. so far so good with the hair. I like it. It tooks the dye well, the hair is not brittle or anything.

London Noel

The wig is no tangling or any shedding with this unit. I will say this wig is definitely more pros than cons. The lace blend very well with your hairline and have so many ways and styles you can do!

Anihja Ra'zheem

Firt of all, I love the packaging, its beautiful and literally inside comes with everything you need to install the wig. I abosolutely love love love the fact that the hair is so full and fluffy. It's soft, very minimal shedding I will actually really suprised because for curly hair this didn't really shed at all

Saving Sheila