Best Hair For Date

Are you ready for your date's hairstyle? My beautiful girls. Here we'll show you a few styles for a date, and you may find one you prefer. Now it’s on Black Friday big promotion, there are lots of discounts and coupons for wigs, so what are you waiting for? Please follow us to see the following related content!

New Arrival--Headband Wig

Headband Wig

Headband wig is our new product released in 2020, and it has been loved by many people since its launch. It doesn’t have lace, so the price is lower than other lace wigs. It also fits your head better. Imagine when you wear a lace wig on a date, how embarrassing it would be if wig opens because the forehead hairline is not treated well. However, headband wig won't happen in this kind of circumstance, because it is composed of a black ice silk headband and a colorful ice silk headband, which doesn't require hair glue, very friendly to people with sensitive skin. In addition, with its black ice silk headband, you can adjust the tightness according to the size of your head. The headband comes in a wide variety of styles and colors, and you can pick and choose the hairband to match your wig and date's outfit to make the whole look more coordinated. Headband wigs can be done more styles compared with lace wigs. With a Headband wig, you can achieve a variety of styling effects at a cheap price.

Fashion Item--Highlight Wig


The popular wig this year is the highlight wig. It is loved by many women. Why? Because its color is very special. If we want to achieve this color effect, it needs to be both bleached and dyed, however, it’s hard for us to manage the time well, so it is the best choice to buy a highlight wig, which greatly reduces the time of DIY. Some people may get tired of natural color, you can also try a new color for yourself, Highlight wig actually is a good choice. It mimics a hair stylist's highlights and is unique. Because there is no guarantee that every wig will be dyed the same color in the same place during the wig process, so the final color effect presented by the different workers is different, which ensures your wig is unique. Besides, it is a fashion item, which is the choice of city girls. Most important of all, you can show your beauty effortlessly when wearing it on a date.

Hot Sale--Curly Wig

Curly Wig

Curly Wig, which represents a simple and stylish style, has been a hot selling item for a long time. Although there are many other wave wigs on the market, it’s in fashion all the time. Compared with other wigs, curly wig is best suitable for making the half bun hairstyle. You can also modify your face by combing some bangs. When you wear it on your date, which can make you look niftier and make your boyfriend can't take his eyes off you. If you want to have a colorful curly wig, you can dye it in your favorite color, and you gonna be the most charming girl. For girls who like full and fluffy hair, it's perfect for dating.

The Black Friday event is our biggest promotion of the year, during which you can buy the best quality wig with the least money. So don't miss this event, click the picture below to buy it!


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