Have You Got It?-Choose A Suitable Hairstyle According To Your Face Shape


Different hairstyles bring out different temperaments, and the right hairstyle can enhance the temperament for yourself. Before choosing a suitable hairstyle, you must first know what kind of face you are. Now let's teach you how to distinguish your face shape. The differences of the face shape is mainly based on the three points of the forehead, cheekbones, and mandible. You can see which position is more protruding or sunken to know your face shape. Let’s take a look at the matching of face shape and hairstyle.


Round Face Suitable Hairstyle: Loose Deep Wave Wig

The loose deep wave wig hairstyle will make the curls of the hair very clear, and it will also make the hair volume appear more and will have a fluffy feeling. If the wig falls down, it will wrap both sides of the cheeks, and the overall look will appear to shrink the face. So this hairstyle is very suitable for round faces, and it will make you look younger.


Diamond Face Suitable Hairstyle: Body Wave Wig

Because the diamond-shaped face has a prominent facial line, it is difficult to choose a hairstyle, but if the facial contours are not so obvious, you can choose a simple body wave wig, or tie your hair up. For those with prominent cheekbones, the hair on both sides of the body wave wig can perfectly modify the face shape, and make girls look more feminine!


Long Face Suitable Hairstyle: Loose Wave Wig

The first thing girls with long faces should think about is how to choose a hairstyle that can make their face look shorter. At this time, a loose wave wig plus baby hair is a good choice. A loose wave wig can decorate the face very well. Baby hair can cover the upper forehead, so the face will not look so long, and it will look more temperamental. It's a very good choice!


Goose Egg Face Suitable Hairstyle: Highlight Straight Wig

The goose egg face can also be called the oval face. These faces are generally relatively small. This face shape is very suitable for long highlight straight hair. Generally speaking, a highlight straight wig has higher requirements for face shape, but girls with an oval face can easily control it. Tie up your hair to be more like a goddess.


Square Face Suitable Hairstyle: Curly Wave Wig

The last face shape is the square face. The most prominent feature of the square face is that the masseter is more prominent. Visually, the face has a horizontal stretch. The big taboo for this type of face is to keep bangs, especially the thick bangs, which will enlarge the facial defects, make the face look flat, and seriously reduce the score of the face. This fashionable curly hair also has a fluffy and casual design, which can modify your face shape. Girls with square faces will definitely look small and beautiful, and the wig does not need to be managed deliberately. Just hanging down a long wig is pretty good enough.


Some people say that choosing the right hairstyle is like having a facelift, which will make the whole person more perfect. Thousands of people have thousands of styles, everyone has their own characteristics, and everybody is unique. Therefore, when choosing a hairstyle, do not blindly follow the trend to choose some hairstyles that are not suitable for you. Choose a suitable style according to your face shape, so that you can use your strengths and avoid weaknesses and enhance your external temperament. So now, do you know which hairstyle to choose?


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