How to Achieve Different Hairstyle While Saving Money?

The year 2020 is finally past and it has been a tough year for wig manufacturers and buyers alike. The price of lace wigs soared and single frontal and closure were almost out of stock. In this situation, many new wig trends have emerged on the market, they are cost effective, quick and easy to use while allowing for different hairstyles. Have you learned about the wig trends for 2021?


Headband Wig

The popularity of headband wigs is something I'm sure everyone is aware of, almost all major wig vendors are selling it, and even the signature product of some stores. I personally think it is the most convenient and fastest item of all human hair wigs. Because he can really achieve “one minute installation” , and can be taken it off at any time.

Headband wig is inspired by the popular hairstyle of the 70s and 80s, at that time, people like to use a silk scarf with a pattern to put up the hair or tie up the hair and then decorate it with a solid color hair band. With this as inspiration, wig manufacturers have designed their own wigs with hair ties. The black ice silk hair band is very skin-friendly and soft, and after wearing it, you only need to cover the black hair band with a silk scarf and hair band.


Many people will have a misunderstanding of the headband wig, that this wig can achieve the hairstyle is limited, but in fact, it can achieve a variety of hairstyles, whether it is to tie a bun, or do a  half up and half down looking, is not a problem. So if you haven't tried a headband wig, don't miss it!

CheetahBeauty Hair

T Part Wig

Do not like to wear a headband wig? Want to buy a natural and affordable lace wig that can achieve parting? Then T Part Wig must be suitable for you! T part wig has become the star product of each company this year. We all know that lace wigs are very expensive nowadays, and the only lace wigs that can reveal the full hairline are 13*4/13*6 and 360. But now T part Wig can be said to be a perfect affordable alternative. It is cheaper than 13*4 and 13*6, but it can meet our requirements of parting and hairline at the same time! The T Part Wig's lace also runs from ear to ear, covering the entire hairline, so you can still wear your hair loose to reveal your nimble ears.

T part wig



The disadvantage of T Part Wig is that its parting position is rather limited, most of the sellers of T Part Wig are 13*4*1. “13inches” refers to the lace from ear to ear. “4inches” refers to the middle lace length of 4inches, that is, you can have 4inches long parting space. “1inch” refers to the width of the middle lace. The T Part Wig on the market are generally middle part, which is perfect for people who like center parting hairstyles, and may not be so friendly to people who are used to do side part. However, when shopping online, you can also contact the seller and ask if they can customize the T part wig with a side part lace wig for you.

CheetahBeauty HairCheetahBeauty Hair

These two are the most popular types of wigs on the market today, achieving a wide variety of hairstyles at affordable prices.Both have colored wigs for you to choose from, if you are interested, you can click into the home page for more information. Why not follow the trend and save money? Valentine's Day is coming up, are you ready for your date look? Hurry up and buy your ideal wig!

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