How to achieve different hairstyles while protecting our hairline?

Although most of the time we take good care of our hair, we can't help but encounter some problems. For example, receding hairline, hair loss etc. Wearing a wig in this case can largely aggravate the damage to the hair and scalp. So how do you achieve different looks while protecting your hair and scalp? There will be some natural ways to solve this problem, so read on if you are interested!


  • Clip-In Hair Extensions

Clip in hair extension exists to bring happiness to sisters with little hair volume, it is very convenient and quick to use, you just need to open the clip and snap your hair to add extra volume and length in a few minutes. Clip in hair extension does not require glue or any gel at all, it usually comes in very different curves from 3a to 4c, which allows the Clip-in hair extension to blend in perfectly with the user's hair, making it super natural. 

Depending on the design of different vendors, the hair pieces and weight of their clip in hair extensions have a varies difference. Generally, there are 8-10pcs in each set of clip-in hair, and the common weight is 120g, 150g and 220g. Depending on the actual thickness of your own hair and the effect you want, you can choose the weight that suits you. 

  • Who can wear them?

Almost anyone can use clip ins! Whether you are a man, woman, or even a child it is safe to use. However, if you are currently experiencing severe hair loss, we recommend that you consult your doctor before purchasing clip-in hair extensions! If interested in clip-in hair extensions, click here to jump for more details!


  • Ponytail

The ponytail has always been a look liked by many people, it is very accentuate a person's temperament, can make people look neat, clean and professional, without sacrificing grace at the same time. But a beautiful ponytail has certain requirements for the length and thickness of the hair, and in many cases our own hair is not able to grow to the extent that it can be tied in a ponytail, so how do we do it? Fake ponytails were born. It does not require you to have particularly long hair, nor does it require the thickness of the hair. As long as you are able to tie your hair up, you will be able to achieve the ponytail look you want.

There are also many kinds of fake ponytails, such as wrapped ponytails, jaw-clip ponytails, and drawstring ponytails. The wrap ponytail has an extra tuft of hair that can be wrapped around the ponytail for a cleaner look, but if it is not installed perfectly, the ponytail will hang down in a strange arc. Jaw-clip ponytail, as the name implies, has a jaw that allows it to be clipped directly to the hair, which is very convenient and quick. The disadvantage is that when you exercise, or if you have less hair, this fake ponytail may not be very strong, most of the Jaw-clip ponytail in the market are synthetic hair.

The last one is the drawstring ponytail, generally it will comes with some small clips to help fix the position of the ponytail, then pulled the drawstring tight after wrap our hair, this ponytail can stay firmly on your head. The drawstring ponytail is also very easy. Novice friendly, but may have certain requirements for the wearer's own hair, as it needs to be wrapped with hair to be pulled tight, much like a wrapped ponytail in this respect.


  • Who can wear them?

Compared to the cardinal hair, the ponytail is relatively demanding on the wearer, requiring you to be able to tie your hair up so that the fake ponytail has somewhere to be fixed. But tying it up does not mean having a long lot of hair, only being able to tie it up will be sufficient. If you are interested in the drawstring ponytail, you can click on our website for more details!


Clip hair and drawstring ponytail are the most popular products on the market for "lazy" us, it can quickly achieve the hairstyle we want without damaging our own hair, want to learn more about similar knowledge? Subscribe to our website and be the first to receive discounts and blog updates!


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