How To Fix Damaged Hair

The first step in fixing damaged hair is to know what caused it.


Damaged hair is caused by our own actions and external environmental factors (hair coloring, straightening, perming and weather). It's important to know what you've done to the hair before and then treat it differently.


Here are four ways to fix damaged hair.


  1. How To Fix Dry DamagedHair



Dry hair is due to the lacks of certain moisture. Common causes include over-drying, over-washing and not using good shampoos and conditioners.


Over-drying. People often choose to dry their hair with a blow dryer because they are in a hurry. But blowing your hair too dry can make it lose natural moisture. So try to air dry your hair naturally. If you really need it dry in time, we recommend using cold air.


Over-washing your hair can strip your hair’s natural oils that are necessary to maintain. Don't wash your wig too often, once a week at most!,


The shampoo and conditioner you use when washing your hair is also critical to the effectiveness of your hair. Good shampoos and conditioners will help moisturize and strengthen hair, especially those that contain moisture (such as avocado, olive oil, and argan oil). Conditioner is especially important for preventing dryness and repairing damaged hair. Concentrate the conditioner on the center of your hair and massage it to the ends. Stay about one to two minutes longer than the time of using shampoo. Be sure to rinse your hair thoroughly.

Weather is also an important factor. In winter, the air is noticeably colder and drier than in hot summer. These environmental factors can make hair lose its natural moisture. During the winter, it's necessary to adjust your hair care plan a bit to make sure your hair gets the moisture it needs.


  1. How To FixHeat Damaged Hair



Styling tools (hair dryers, hair straighteners, curling irons) are things that need to heat the hair to create the desired hairstyle. These are the tools we use most often. But these amazing and useful tools are also one of the biggest causes of hair damage.


Do you take precautions every time when you blow dry or perm your hair? Maybe not, but it's necessary. 

After you wash your hair and you want to keep it dry, the best way to minimize damage is to let it air-dry or use a microfiber towel (don't rub) to absorb some of the moisture from your hair instead of using a hair dryer, which can cause your hair to lose its natural moisture, leaving it drier and less shiny.

Curling iron is a DIY hair styling tool. After being plugged in and heated, curl your hair with the heated rod for half a minute and then remove it, your hair will get a curly style. If you often use it, the heat can scald the hair's scales, causing your hair to become dry and yellow. Exposing the hair to high temperatures without using any hair care products can damage it faster and make it more difficult to repair.

If you need to make styling (perming), you can do it once or twice a week and use a heat protection serum or spray each time. This will minimize the risk of heat-damage hair.


  1. How To Fix Damaged HairFrom Dyeing



In order to follow the fashion trend, we choose to dye our hair to make it look more special. But this chemical treatment can cause serious damage to hair. Most of us want to look different by dyeing our hair while we can't afford the damage, so we need to do something to help reduce the damage.

For people with severely over-dyeing hair, the only way to fix damaged hair is to cut it. For other situations, we can stick to a more natural hair or close to nature (within three shades of your natural color). In the process of dyeing your hair, bleaching may be a necessary step and can be very damaging to hair. It removes the hair's pigment melanin, which is the natural pigment in hair. So in order to make hair healthier, you should do as little as possible.

All in all, dye your hair as little as possible and especially dye it with lighter color. The hair damage is very large. So I suggest you keep your hair in its natural color, or buy a wig instead.


  1. How To FixDamaged Hair Caused By Split Ends


Not managing your hair for a long time can lead to split ends and eventually the strands that can't be fixed will be damaged. It can also make your hair dry and look dull. So if you have split ends, you need to take it seriously and cut the part of split ends off at least two centimeters.

Regular trims don't have to change dramatically every time. Regular trims can help you keep hair healthy, prevent dryness and split ends and make your hair look fuller, shinier.


  1. UV Damage


Ultraviolet radiation (UV) damage to human skin has been increasingly paid attention to by people. Along with this, a variety of sunscreen products targeting at the skin have been produced. However, UV damage on the hair has been ignored by people. Although this damage is not as serious as UV damage to skin (such as skin red spots and burning feeling), hair with long-term UV irradiation will appear glossiness decline, dry, easy to break and other phenomena, this is very serious.

To protect your hair from damaging of UV radiation, you can choose shampoos and conditioners with sunscreen in them. Spray sunscreen is also a good choice. If you need to stay under the sun for a while, you can wear a hat.


Knowing how to fix damaged hair doesn't mean you can restore your hair to 100% health. But if you take your hair seriously, you can make it as healthy as possible. Getting regular haircuts, coloring your hair sparingly, limiting perm styling, and adding healthy and natural foods to your diet these things all need to take a long time to keep up. Develop a good lifestyle and hair care habit and one day you may find that your hair isn't what it used to be.

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