How To Know Differences Between Brazilian, Malaysian, Indian, and Chinese Hair?

When we buy wigs we can often see that there are many different sources of wigs for us to choose from, Brazilian hair, Indian hair, Malaysian hair, Chinese hair, if we do not understand the difference between them will be confused when buying. This article will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of various textures in a comprehensive manner. If you are interested, read on!


The first thing we need to be sure of is that no matter what kind of hair type is there, it has its unique advantages. Understanding the characteristics of different hair types can also help us save time and money.


Brazilian Hair: the most versatile

As the title says, the key word for Brazilian hair is "versatile". Nowadays, Brazilian hair is actually the most widely used hair.

It is very smooth when straight, moderate thickness can hold the curl very well when curved. 

Compared to other wigs, Brazilian hair has a longer life span, and it is easy to bleach and restyle because of its moderate thickness.


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Malaysian: The most lustrous hair

Malaysian hair is probably the most lustrous hair on the market and appears to be of exceptional quality. Most of its color is light or dark brown, and only a few raw materials may be natural black color. Another important feature of Malaysian hair is that it has its own curl, giving it a natural, big wavy shape that is more pronounced when wet.


However, it should be noted that the shine of Malaysian hair will decrease with time, so relatively speaking, Malaysian hair is not very long-lasting, and is not suitable for bleaching and dyeing.

These qualities make Malaysian hair not suitable for restyle or curly hair, as the curl may not last long. If you are a fan of small curls, (such as deep curly,  kinky curly, etc.) then Malaysian hair is not suitable for you.

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Indian Hair: The most Soft hair

Indian hair, like Brazilian hair, is a relatively versatile hair type, with finer and softer strands than Brazilian hair. Even though it is very soft, it can hold all kinds of curves very well, and it can fit perfectly with all kinds of textures.


However, Indian hair also has a disadvantage that because its hair is very fine and soft, the moisture in the scales is easily lost, so it will easily become dry and frizzy, and may appear wavy in a humid environment.

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Chinese Hair: The straightest hair

Chinese hair is actually the thickest hair on the market, as well as the hardest and straightest hair. If you really like bone straight wigs, then Chinese hair is undoubtedly your best choice. At the same time, Chinese hair is also very suitable for bleaching and dyeing, can very well hold the light color of the hair.


But Chinese hair is not very suitable for DIY styling, its stiff strands lead to low curlability, so if you like to restyle your own hair, then Chinese hair may not be for you. Another thing to note is that many businesses claim they are buying Chinese hair, but in fact the production of real Chinese hair on the market in recent years is extremely low. So you need to shine your eyes when buying.

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See here, I believe that you have a certain understanding of Brazilian hair, Malaysian hair, Indian hair, Chinese hair. Regardless of the hair type, it requires our careful care to extend the life of the wig. In summary, each material wig is by its own advantages and disadvantages, in the purchase if you choose the hair quality according to their needs that is the icing on the cake. If you can't decide, I highly recommend that you buy Brazilian hair, after all, you can't go wrong with choosing the most versatile material. Want to buy top quality Brazilian virgin human hair? Click the picture get more information!

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