How to Make a Wig Look REAL (Part I)

How to make our wigs look natural and stunning is always the focus of every wig wearer. Making a wig look natural is not only related to our install techniques, it involves all aspects, including details that many people overlook. There are many issues we have to consider clearly before buying, like the wig lace type, capsize, wig color, wig curvature is suitable for you. This can largely avoid buying a wig that does not suit us. But if we have already bought it, how do we make the wig on hand to become suitable and natural for us? In the following article, we gonna learn how to make our wigs look natural.


Lace Type

Quality lace can make us achieve twice the results with half the effort, such as HD lace and transparent lace. Especially for beginners, good quality lace blends perfectly with the skin and does not require us to spend long hours on the details of the hairline, even without baby hair, it can still achieve a natural and perfect look. Although many people don't like baby hair, the right amount of baby hair is the finishing touch to a hairstyle, but most of the time we will see an excessive amount of baby hairstyling. This is because the lace is thicker and we have to choose to use a lot of baby hair to cover the stiff hairline, it will look "too much" and very unnatural. This time the quality of lace on the natural degree of impact of the wig is particularly important. Transparent lace can already meet the needs of most people, its color can match most people's skin tone, while the lace is also very thin, the installation of the hairline will also look more natural.

CheetahBeauty Hair

Wig Cap

Wig hair cap we need to pay attention to is the size of the cap. The hair cap is too big or too small will make our look unnatural. If it's too big, the back of the head might have unnatural folds, and easy to fall off. If it is too small either simply can not wear it or is very uncomfortable. Therefore, if you are the first time to buy a wig, be sure to measure their head circumference before buying. This data must be a full range, not just a single distance from forehead to forehead. Many vendors have schematic diagrams of how to correctly measure the head circumference, which must be carefully and correctly measured, so as not to bring trouble later. 

CheetahBeauty Hair

CheetahBeauty Hair

All the wigs on the market are medium capsize, which can meet the needs of 90% of the customers. The cap usually has an adjustable strap, which can be adjusted according to the size of our head circumference. If your measured head circumference is not in the medium cap size data range, you can contact the seller for you to customize a large capsize or small hair cap, the regular sellers will provide this service, so do not worry. One thing to note, the custom headcover is generally not accepted for return oh. So be sure to accurately measure the head circumference data.


Installation Tools

The installation tools are also very important, which I want to talk about the focus is the glue. Even the most skilled customers and good quality lace, when faced with junk glue can not help. Bad quality glue will form white crystals on the lace and skin after it dries, which is very obvious.


And this glue can also harm the skin and hairline. So, choosing the right glue is a very important point to make our wigs natural. I suggest that you go to Youtube or other websites to check more reviews of the product before you buy the glue. A good glue can make the edge of the lace and the scalp blend perfectly.

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