How To Make A Wig (with a lace closure and bundles)?

We all need to buy wigs for different reasons, perhaps it's due to frequent hair loss and poor hair quality, or we need to attend important occasions. Anyway, wigs have become an indispensable part of women's lives. Of course, it's convenient to buy a wig online and then go to the barber and have it done by a stylist, but have you ever thought about making a wig by yourself? This can be an interesting experience, although you are a beginner. It may take a long time, but it is worth trying and you may get a special surprise.


The Tools Of Making A Wig

Head Mannequin: A model of a human head, made by measuring the size of a human head.

Wig Stand: Used to support the wig model and help make a wig

Adjustable Wig Cap: Used to sew bundles and lace closure on it.

T-pins: Used to fix lace closure and bundles on wig cap and wig head model.

Needle: Sew lace closure and bundles to the wig cap.


Lace closure: It is a small part of a wig and sewn into the central area on the top of wig head. Lace frontal is also available.

Bundles: The main part of a wig, depending on how long you want the wig to be.

Wig Combs: Add combs and band into your wig to increase stability and make your wig more comfortable and safe to wear to avoid that your wig falls off in public and cause an embarrassing situation.

Scissors: It is mainly used to cut bundles.


How Many Bundles Do We Need To Make A Wig?


In general, the longer your wig length you want, the more bundles you need. If you choose to make a long wig, it is recommended that you use more bundles in order to have a fuller looking from the roots to the ends, and shorter wig requires fewer bundles. (This is because the weight of each bundle is fixed, which is 100g. A 12-inch bundle is 100g, and a 30-inch bundle is 100g. So the longer the bundles is, the thinner it is.)

If your desired wig length is 8 to 14 inches, two bundles will be full enough. If you want 14 to 22 inches, generally recommend you buy three bundles. But If you want long length wig (longer than 22 inches), we suggest four bundles and this will make you have a fuller looking.


Steps Of Making A Wig


1.Place the wig head model on a wig stand and secure it to make sure it is stable.


  1. Get the bundles ready (Take three bundles for example)

Bundles generally choose human hair of good quality. You can choose 3 bundles of the same length. But if you want more layers, you can choose three different lengths of bundles.

  1. Start making the wig
  • Take out your wig cap, then position it back and forth, put it over the wig head model and make sure it fits perfectly.
  • Place lace closure correctly in the middle of the top of your head and fasten it around the cap with T-pins, making sure it's firmly fixed.
  • Sew the fixed lace closure onto the wig cap, and then bundles are sewn onto the wig cap.
  • The first bundle shouldbe sewn from bottom to top along the bottom of wig cap. The first bundle is about 1cm or 2cm away from the bottom of wig cap. It is fixed and sewn to be a U-shaped track. Then continue to sew the bundle along the U-shaped runway. In order to ensure that the spacing is consistent during the bundles sewing process, we can take out a pen to draw the ideal trajectory on the hair cap. We just need to sew along the trace of the brush
  • Sew these bundles down row by row, leaving an equivalent space among each row of bundles until the bundle is close to lace closure. Then cut the extra bundles with scissors. Make baby hair at the hairline, and at last, trim it.
  • At this point, the wig is basically completed, but in order to make the installation more convenient, we can make some optimizations. Try on the wigfirst, choose a few places you like and make a mark, we can sew a small comb here. It’s best to have it in four directions, so that the wig can be more firm when we install it.

CheetahBeauty Hair

    Through the above steps, a made wig is finished. No matter what type of wig, it's the same tools and methods. It might take you four or five hours to make a wig done for the first time, but once you're familiar with it, you can make your own wig at home and it may take you less than an hour to finish it. If possible, you can do better than the barber. We can provide you with lace closure of high quality and you can choose any length you want. The price is reasonable so come to try it.


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