Tips To Maintain Curly Wig


As one of the most popular hairstyles all over the world, the curly wig is liked by more and more people. As we all know, hair is an important part of our looks. Someone says that “hair is the soul of a woman”. Soft, natural hair can make you more beautiful and regain your confidence. This blog is about how to maintaining the curly wig, if you are one of the curly wig users, here are some tips for you.


Tips to maintain your curly wig

  • Generally speaking, in order to keep the hair clean and shiny, the hair needs to have cared for twice or three times a week, the proper way needs to be used. please choose your fingers to comb it gently, to prevent shedding.
  • please choose quality hair shampoo to provide sustenance in cold water, after washing please nurse the hair with some hair oil, then the hair will be silk and soft, and let it air dry after deep conditioned.
  • Don’t rub it or shake it after washing the hair, it will lead to hair shedding. Don’t style it while the hair is wet, it could damage the hair.
  • When you stay at home, taking it off from your head and put it on the wig rack. It can keep the curl style and avoid the hair falling out. 
  • Additionally too much heat may damage the hair, if you want to style your wig, please try to start with lower heat. Caring for a wig just like your own hair. 


How to wash your curly wig

Washing is an essential step to care for your hair, using the right methods washed the hair will extend the wig’s using time. The processes are as follows:

First of all, Comb the wig from the end. Using your fingers comb the curly wig. And then fill your sink with warm water, mix in 1 to 2 squeezes of shampoo made for curly hair. 

Secondly, use your hands to turn the wig cap inside out, next put the wig into the water, make sure that the wig is completely soaked in the water, and soak it for about 5 minutes, do not shake the wig during this time so as to prevent tangle. Then clean the wig with fluid water until the shampoo is running out.

Thirdly, add a hair conditioner to the wig and then use your fingers to comb it gently. After 2 minutes, rinse the conditioner with cold water, besides, you may need to rinse it twice according to the length and thickness of the wig.

Finally, squeeze the water and absorb it with a towel. Then let the wig air dry naturally. Whats more important is, make sure avoid direct sunlight.


Your beauty is our duty. According to this blog, you will know something about how to maintaining your curly wig. Come and pick the beautiful wig, there is always a wig for you. Click on the picture link above to buy the goods you like, don’t miss it, hurry up~ 



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