What is A Good Quality Lace Wig?

Wigs have now become an indispensable element for beauty lovers. But who can imagine that the birth of real human hair wig is only a few years away? If you are a wig practitioner or barber, then you must know that as early as a few years ago, there were more frontal, closure and bundles on the market. Customers need to sew by themselves or make an appointment for installation in a salon shop after buying home. But with the advancement of technology, bundle and closure frontal are gradually replaced by lace wig. Lace wig is not only convenient, but also very real, often making it difficult to distinguish whether it is their own hair or not. Because it can be attached to your own skin preferably, very suitable for different part style to expose the hairline of the wig.

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Lace wigs are more natural and more comfortable than bundles + closure/frontal, but it is also because the material of lace wigs is too thin, normally we need to apply glue when we wear them, the skill of the installment is very important. So for beginners, the smaller the area of the lace, the more convenient to install. But as long as you are proficient, the wigs can be perfectly installed in 5 minutes. So here comes a question: what kind of place wig is really good quality wig? Different people have different requirements for wigs, thickness, hand feeling, luster, lace quality, durability etc.


What Exactly Is A Good Wig?

The lace wig is the hair hooked on the lace net (it is the kind that is very thin, with some very fine meshes evenly distributed, the common ones are Swiss lace and French lace). Lace wigs are usually fixed with glue and attached to the forehead hairline area. Some lace wigs also have "baby hair" around the hairline, which can cover any visible signs of lace on the forehead and make the hairline more realistic and beautiful. Good quality lace is very thin, fits all skin tones, and is very soft, not so hard that it makes the hairline unnatural

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The density of lace wigs is measured as a percentage. The popular densities on the market are 150% and 180%. The higher the density, the thicker the wig, and the higher the price consumers pay. Although each vendors has 150% and 180% density hair, but in fact their thickness is different. Reliable merchants will generally directly inform you of the gram weight of different length of wigs. If you are the first time to buy , make sure to check every details with the seller, to avoid the gap between their psychological expectations after receiving the goods.

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Regarding the durability of the wig, it is fundamentally linked to the quality of the wig. If it is non remy hair, it will not last long and it is very easy to tangle and shed. Many vendors will lure consumers with low prices and sell non remy hair under the guise of remy hair. So we should be more careful when buying very cheap remy hair. Real remy Hair and Virgin Hair are both very good quality hair, shiny and very soft. Virgin hair can dye to 613 blonde color, in particular, will last longer than remy hair.

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Finding a reliable wig seller can save you a lot of money and time, and a reliable after-sales service can help you solve all your questions and problems. If you want to buy a wig in the near future, you can click on the here to get more information about wigs.


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