How to Make a Wig Look Natural (Part II)


In the previous blog, we covered the issues that need to be taken into account when choosing a wig in the early stages, which can largely prevent us from buying an unnatural wig that doesn't suit us at all. If you have already purchased a wig, how to make your existing wig natural? The following article will introduce the method in detail for you, if you are interested, read on!


Bleached Knots

Bleach knot is the most necessary step to make our wigs look natural. It can lighten the color of the black hair knots on the lace and make them less prominent. It is able to blend in better with the color of our hair cap and look like hair that has grown from the scalp. But bleaching knots is actually difficult, for newcomers if you can not grasp the time of the ticket hair and the ratio of bleaching cream, then it may directly ruin this hair, resulting in hair loss or lace quality deterioration. If you often go to the barber store to install the wig, then you do not have to worry about this problem at all, in general, the hairdresser will make some customization for your wig in advance. But if you want to install it by yourself, then you can take the old hair used to practice before you bleach your hair.

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Put on your disposable gloves and mix the bleach and the developer. Follow the instructions on the product packaging for correct measurements. In general, the ratio should be 1:1 (one ounce each of bleach and the developer). Stir the ingredients until the consistency turns thick and creamy. The mixture should not be runny. Otherwise, it may seep through the lace and affect the roots. Apply the bleach mixture around the entire front hairline. Swipe the brush gently and avoid pressing hard to prevent it from seeping to the roots. Leave the bleach on for 15-20 minutes. Watch the knots closely. The time may vary depending on the hair, so keep a close eye.


Wig Care

If you want your wig to look natural, care for your wig is also essential. Even the best human wigs have a use period, proper care can extend the life of the wig. It is recommended that you have at least two or more wigs to alternate, so that not only to ensure freshness but also to give the wig time to breathe. What do you need to do during the rest time? We need to clean the wig of residual cosmetics, glue. So that the next time you wear it, the lace edge can still be perfectly attached to the hairline. Wash the wig gently using the correct wash and care method, the correct products, and place it in a ventilated area to air dry. If you think the wig is not dirty do not throw the wig at will, place the wig on the wig stand or wrap it in a net and put it in a bag. This will not only prolong the life of the wig but also save the wig from tangle and frizz. Frizzy and dirty hair not only looks unattractive but also looks unnatural, so don't underestimate the step of caring for your wig

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Wig Accessories

If you have purchased a wig, but you don't have time to bleach the knot, and don't want to spend time and money on wig installation, is there any easy and effortless way to make the wig natural? Of course, there is. This is when we get to how to use third-party products to fix an unnatural hairline-- Scarf.

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Audrey Hepburn said: "When I put on a scarf, I never felt so clearly that I am a woman, a beautiful woman." A silk scarf tied around the head is a very bright use. Using a silk scarf instead of a regular hairband adds more variation to your hair. Whether it is a retro scarf or a romantic scarf, wearing it on your head renders an air of fashion. We can just take a square scarf and fold it into a triangular scarf and wrap it directly around our forehead, which is a classic way but has never gone out of style. You can also fold the silk scarf into a long silk scarf, wrap it tightly around the hairline and then tie a knot at the back. This way the scarf is more like a hairband, with a softer and smoother band.



A high quality wig can help us reduce a lot of unnecessary hassles, especially for the novice wig wearer. Rather than spending hundreds of dollars on a few bad quality wigs, it is better to buy a wig that is excellent in terms of lace, density and quality. Not to mention the long life of a good wig. If you want a wig to be natural, then pay attention to the details from the time of purchase. On this point you can click here to see How to Make a Wig Look REAL (Part I). If you are interested in wigs, you can click here for more wig news and subscribe to CheetahBeauty Hair to get the latest wig knowledge tweeted!

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